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Ethiopian endemics tour

Day 1 : Addis Abeba-Debrelibanos( 110 km )   O/N Ethio german Lodge
Day 2 : Debrelibanos-Jemma Valley-Debrebrhan  O/N Debrebrhan(100+100=200)
Day 3 : Ankober –Melka jebdu O/N Getva Hotel.
Day 4 : Debrebrhan –Awash National Park (330km) O/N in a Hotel
Day 5 : Awash National Park O/N in a  Hotel
Day 6 : Awash National Park O/N Langano O/N in Fulweha hotel and spa
Day 7 : Langano  area  O/N  Langano
Day 8 : Langano –Bale Mountain national Park( Dinsho –Goba) O/N Wabi Shebelle hotel( 200km)
Day 9 : Senette plateau  and Harena Forest O/N Wabi Shebelle hotel
Day 10 : Goba to Negelle O/N Turaco Hotel( 270km)(or Optional-  Goba to Negelle via kibremengist)
Day 11 : Negelle  Borena Liben plains and Filtu road  O/N Turacko Hotel
Day 12 : Negelle  -Kibre Mengist –Arbaminch O/N in forty spring  Hotel.
Day 13 : Arbaminch-Konso- Yabello O/N in Yabello
Day 14 : Birding  in Yabello O/N in Yabello.
Day 15 : Yabello-Hawassa via konso –Arbaminch (optional) / or Via Hagere maryam and Dilla  O/N East Africa Group hotel
Day 16 : Hawasa- to Addis Ababa)

Item package intro

  • Package Duration: 16 Days
  • Destination: Addis Ababa & South Ethiopia

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